what i’m loving right now

sunrise 3.14 fairlington
i just love that i can now see the sunrise on my way to work. everyday is a different shade of purple, pink, orange and blue to brighten my mood. there’s one good thing about the time change.

alex and i have embarked on a 12 week program called jamie eason’s livefit. basically no sugar, only a few approved carbs (brown rice, quinoa, couscous, whole wheat pasta and a few others) and few flours are accepted, thankfully wheat flour is one of them. we were going to do a 10 day detox but ultimately decided it was way too restrictive. this diet is a drastic change from our “eat whatever you want on the weekends” lifestyle, but no so restrictive that i feel like i want to quit after day 2. it’s been 4 days so far, and going strong… woo hoo!

here are some other things i’m loving right now:
why i won’t ban ‘bossy’ i’m reading lean in right now so i can see where sheryl is coming from but i totally agree with this writer, banning a word is not going to solve the problem… not even close.

do you watch the bachelor? do you like recaps? well this one is pretty good. (disclaimer: i only watch the bachelor because alex is obsessed but even he had a hard time with juan pablo. who knew he would turn out to be such a dumb jerk? seriously, that guy sucks!)

holy crap, this is genius: boozy lucky charms milkshakes if only alex and i weren’t on a cleanse/diet right now! might have to find a way to make this and split it but only after 2 spin classes :)

and while we’re on the topic of yummy treats, these
shamrock shortbread cookies are just my kind of yumminess.

these pictures from holi are sooo gorgeous. this is definitely on my bucket list of things to see before i die.

fyi, obama is bringing back the fist bump explosion!

last night i pinned this recipe: spaghetti squash pizza it’s gonna be interesting.

this kid in kentucky made an instagram account for his grandma (@grandmabetty33) who is fighting cancer. hearing about all her followers and people liking her pictures has really brightened her spirits.

i really enjoyed reading 13 mom truths. #6 kids get sick. i can relate all too well this winter.

homemade peanut butter cups. can’t wait to try these!

i didn’t post during oscars week, so i’m sure you saw that ellen gave that pizza guy a massive tip and did you also see this super cute mom and daughter who make paper dresses? they are soo cute. check them out on instagram @2sisters_angie

did you hear about the app that you read in a book in 90 minutes, pretty crazy. the idea is if you read the middle word your brain fills in the gaps. i’m not sure i can handle reading like that for real, but it’s a very interesting concept!

i have been eating a lot of avocado lately so this tip couldn’t be more timely: how to keep avocado fresh

here are some really good rules of thumb for a healthy life

oh no! frank underwood may have to move!!

have you seen momo? find momo is a project by andrew knapp and momo the hiding border collie. see more on his website: go find momo and instagram account: @andrewknapp and he has a book, i might have to go out and grab one.

well i should probably wrap it up. i could go on and on and i’ve probably forgotten to mention a few things but, oh well. if you have something you just love this week share it in the comments! i love to see what others have found on the interwebs :)

have a good weekend!

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